How to access your superconscious mind?

Every human being is born genius. Every one of us has an untapped huge amount of creativity which we have failed to use. The purpose of “The Born Leader Workshop” is to help people understand the aspects of creativity and access your superconscious mind. We know in terms of goal settings, planning for the future, accomplishing our aspirations, earning an abundance amount of money and wealth cannot be accomplished simply by sweating harder. Today we live totally in a creative world where working hard is just not enough, everything depends only on how we use our creative capacity. The amount of creativity we use is very closely connected with our attitude of being a creative person. Every child is born with a remarkable amount of creativity. They are highly creative, curious, imaginative, innovative. But when they grow up they lose their creativity because of the conditioning that they acquire from the society, adults, exposure to media and many more. Children are continuously told it’s foolish, silly, asked to follow directions of adults and they are discouraged to think creatively and eventually lose their power of thinking and follow everything blindly. They learn at a deeper subconscious level that it’s not smart to think or do anything on their own and lose their capacity of creative thinking.

If we do not use our creativity, it becomes a latent talent and we eventually lose it without accessing it. The good news is that we can use it at any point of time we wish and decide to use it through our Super conscious mind. The Born Leader course will help you understand how to access our Super consciousness and become extremly creative person. This Superconscious mind is so much powerful than our intelligence. It is the source of all great creativity. All great innovations in this world were the result of insights, thoughts, and ideas from the superconsciousness. Many famous writers, musicians, and inventors were able to produce something remarkable that the world has never seen before only through tapping into their superconscious mind. Many of us think that our creativity is limited by our knowledge and educational qualification that we possess. But the fact is that creativity is a very simple concept that anyone can access at any point in time. Creativity is the way of improving the way of doing things, the ability of the person and to the degree to which he finds ways to improve his tasks makes him creative. When we program a goal very clearly in the subconscious mind it, in turn, passes it to the superconscious mind and we get profound ideas in the form of insights to achieve our goals. It also has the capability to bring us ideas that lie outside our own individual experience and knowledge we had in the past.

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