Harish – MBA

I completed MBA 5 years ago and was working in the field of e-commerce and administration. Though I was very passionate about doing business, I was only able to work as an employee. I was under the wrong assumption that money is important to do business. But this workshop helped me to understand that time and idea is more important. I gained more clarity on business approaches, that gave me lots of confidence and courage and I took a firm decision to become an employer rather than to be an employee.

Akash – BE

This program made me realize the possibilities of life, the power of positivity and belief. Now I have a specific goal and clarity on how I’m going to achieve my goal with fulfillment and happiness. I’m all geared up to take complete responsibility on my life.

Hari Babu– MBA

Hi! I’m currently preparing for the civil service examination. All I want to tell is that your mind is programable, if you are not programming your mind with the kind of life you want, somebody else will mess it up. This course is aligned with quantum physics and it helped me to understand who am I and discover the purpose of my life. I set my goal and I’m in the process of chasing my dream. Now, I firmly believe that I have the ability to turn my dreams into reality.

Uma Shankar –MBA

In this workshop, I learned about the true meaning of Management and Leadership. I understood that Management is persuading people to do things that they do not want to do, while Leadership is about inspiring people to do things, they would have never thought they would do. I’m the Born Leader!

Cholarajan – ME, PhD

I learned about Maslow’s need Hierarchy Theory through Textbooks but for me, it was only a theory. But now, this workshop helped me understand the true meaning of self-fulfillment, deliberate creativity, and true potentiality more in a practical way which can be followed in our day to day life.  

Nagaraj – M.E, MBA, PhD

I highly recommend everyone to join the born leader workshop because of the kind of changes that it brought in me. I understood very clearly that a negative mind will never give a positive life. My approach towards life has completely changed and I’m all craving to develop deeper knowledge in my field, to use my talent and time to uplift myself and to contribute the best I can to the world.